24907 Trix, US vognsett 3-vogner, KUN FÅ IGJEN!

US  vognsett 3-vogner, Pacemaker NYC

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Prototype: 3 New York Central Railroad (NYC) type XM 40 foot boxcars. Painted and lettered for the "Pacemaker" expedited freight service.
Model: Era III, the cars have metal frames and detailed floors. They also have sliding doors that can be opened. The brake system, steps, ladders, grab irons, and other details are separately applied. The cars come with different car numbers. They have detailed trucks and RP 25 wheel sets. The cars come with NEM coupler pockets, a close coupler mechanism, and couplers compatible with the Kadee system. Length over the couplers 467 mm / 18-3/8".



320551 (Märklin) AC wheel set. 320552 (NEM) DC wheel set.

This model can be found in an AC version in the Märklin assortment under item no. 45648.

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