21348 Trix, Hectorrail togsett, KUN FÅ IGJEN!

Prototype: Hectorrail "Skywalker" electric locomotive, road no. 241.002. 3 type Eanos 041 freight cars painted and lettered for "Green Cargo", loaded with scrap.
Model: Era VI. The locomotive has a frame constructed of die-cast metal. It also has a 21-pin digital connector. The locomotive has a 5-pole skewed armature motor with a flywheel, centrally mounted. The headlights are warm white LEDs. The locomotive has detailed roof equipment. It also has interior details with a figure of a locomotive engineer. The cars have close coupler mechanisms. They also have scrap as a freight load. Total length over the buffers 760.2 mm / 29-15/16".

Pris: kr 2990,00

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Utviklet i keyPublisher; et Keyteq 2005 produkt