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DB personvogn 1kl. blå

Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) compartment car, 1st class, type A4üm-63 (later the type Am 203). UIC-X design (m cars).
Model: The car has built-in interior details. It has the blue color scheme of the prototype from 1963 on. The car has realistically detailed trucks with a reproduction of the brake shoes and the generator mechanism. It has unlighted red marker light inserts at the ends of the car. The car is ready for installation of lighting kits for the passenger area and marker lights. It has NEM coupler pockets and a close coupler mechanism. Minimum radius for operation 360 mm / 14-3/16". Length over the buffers 282 mm / 11-1/8".


Express Train Travel during the Economic Miracle - After the 1950s gave the German Federal Republic (West Germany) an economic upswing and the most important, private basic needs had been covered, many West Germans had a desire to travel. Yet, before the great growth in automobile ownership, the demand was growing for another series of modern passenger cars for long distance express service. The number of new design express train passenger cars placed into service since 1954 was no longer sufficient for this purpose. The DB therefore placed additional modern express train passenger cars into service from 1963 on. The following express train passenger car types belonged to this family of new cars: A4üm-61, 1st class (later the type Am 203), B4üm-63, 2nd class (later the type Bm 234), AB4üm-63, 1st/2nd class (later the type ABm 225), BRbu4üm-61, half dining car, 2nd class (later the type RBbumh 282), and BD4üm-61, half baggage car, 2nd class (later the type BDms 273). The designs for these cars followed for the most part the concept for the first postwar car types of 1953/54, but folding doors were used for the entry doors on the sides of the cars. Externally, the sliding windows with bright gold oxidized lightweight metal frames attracted attention also. The interiors experienced a series of changes in details. In addition, sliding doors were built into the ends of the cars. The 1st class cars with a cobalt blue paint scheme clearly stood out from the 2nd class cars and baggage cars in their chrome oxide green schemes. These consists were among the typical Era III trains used by the now modestly prosperous "Economic Miracle children" to travel during their vacations.

70 0150 (Märklin) AC wheel set. A lighting kit will be available later.

This car can be combined with the 23401, 23402, 23403, and 23404 car models to make up a typical Era III express train car consist. This model can be found with another car number in the Märklin assortment under item no. 43910

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