23996 Trix Sneplog Henschel m. lys, Ord.pris kr.790

Trix Sneplog Henschel m. lys

Prototype: Henschel "Klima" design snowplow for the German Federal Railroad (DB).
Model: Era III, the snowplow has a clear view through the operator's cab. The side plow blades are hinged and can be folded to the side of the snowplow. The snowplow has separately applied air reservoirs and lines. The work lights can be turned on with a sliding switch. The snowplow has an NEM coupler pocket and a close coupler mechanism. Length over the buffers 117 mm / 4-5/8".


In the course of railroad history there have been many attempts to equip locomotives with snowplow blades. Usually these aids fail with snow depths greater than 40 cm or 16". The Austrian railroader Rudolf Klima was the first to make a breakthrough with the snowplows named after him. With an adjustable plow blade and moveable side wings, these plows were quite effective in snow depths up to 1.50 meters or 59 inches. In 1929 the German State Railroad purchased its first Klima plows. The firm of Henschel in Kassel acquired the license to build them in 1931. Of the 250 units built in different designs, the DB acquired about 100 units. Additional Klima snowplows were ordered right up to 1964.


This model can be found in an AC version in the Märklin assortment under item no. 46119.

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