24798 Trix, Skinnebuss tilhenger for 22798, FØR KR. 799

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Skinnebuss tilhenger for 22798

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Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) class 998.
Model: This is a trailer car to go with the 22798 rail bus set consisting of a powered rail bus car and a cab control car. The car has close coupler pockets at both ends for plug-in current-conducting drawbars. One current-conducting drawbar included. There is a clear view through the car's interior space. The car has interior details. The car has interior lighting with maintenance-free LEDs. The interior lighting is powered by means of the current-conducting drawbar from the powered rail bus. Length over the buffers 160 mm / 6-5/16".




This rail bus trailer car can be used to expand the 22798 two unit-rail bus sets to a three-unit set.

Pris: kr 500,00

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