44533 Märklin, Glasstankvogn Berentzen-Gruppe AG, UTSOLGT!

Glasstankvogn Berentzen-Gruppe AG

Prototype: Privately owned car lettered for the firm Berentzen-Gruppe AG, Haselünne, Germany, with the brand logo for "Doornkaat aus Kornsaat seit 1806".
Model: The car has a four-axle freight car frame with trucks and a brakeman's cab. The car is finely modeled with a partially open car floor, metal side sills, and close couplers. The tank is made of real glass and can be filled with liquids and sealed with a cork. The car has special mounting bands made of metal. Length over the buffers 14.3 cm / 5-5/8".

One-time series for the Märklin "Exclusiv" program.


DC wheel set 4 x 70 0580.

Pris: kr 498,00

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