15767 Trix N, DB vognsett 2 vogner

Trix N, DB vognsett 2 vogner MHI

Prototype: 2 German Federal Railroad (DB) express train passenger cars, early Era IV (around 1968) version, used in interzone traffic between Hamburg and Berlin.
Model: The cars come with close coupler mechanisms. Both cars have different car numbers from the transition period Era III/IV and go well with the class 01.5 steam locomotive. The train destination signs on the cars are authentic for the routing Hamburg - Berlin. One type Bm 232 car, 2nd class; one type BDms 273 half baggage car, 2nd class. Total train length 333 mm / 13".

This car set is being produced in a one-time series only in 2006 for the Exclusiv program.


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This set goes very well with items 12306 and 15766.

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