46371 Märklin, Ore car set 2 Mas 1950 6stk


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Prototype: 6 Swedish State Railways (SJ) three-axle ore cars in a brown basic paint scheme, for use on the ore line Lulea - Kiruna - Narvik. Type Mas IV, with a brakeman's platform and a brake wheel. The cars look as they did around 1970.
Model: The ore cars have detailed construction with partially open floors. They have a detailed representation of the axle bearings with springs and brake rigging. The ore car bodies are constructed of metal. All of the cars have brakeman's platforms and brake wheels. All of the ore cars have different car numbers. The ore cars have load inserts and are loaded with real, scale-sized iron ore. Total length over the buffers 44 cm / 17-5/16". DC wheel set per ore car 3 x 700580.

  • Completely new tooling for these ore cars.
  • Very finely detailed construction.
  • All of the cars are loaded with load inserts and real iron ore.
  • All of the cars have different car numbers.
  • The ideal cars to go with the 37753 and 37754 heavy ore locomotives.



The heavy ore locomotives to go with this car set can be found under item numbers 37753 (Dm3, SJ) and 37754 (El 12, NSB).

Two ore car sets with other different car numbers can be found in a DC version in the Trix H0 assortment under item numbers 24237 and 24238.

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