43883 Märklin Rheingold vognsett passer til 37106, MID. UTSOLGT!

Prototype: 3 different design express train passenger cars for the German Federal Railroad (DB) "Rheingold" F 10 long distance express train. 1 type AD4üm-62 vista dome car, 1st class, with a raised vista dome area and service areas beneath it. Version with rounded roof ends. Glass dome with 8 side windows. 2 type Av4üm-62 compartment cars, 1st class. Version with rounded roof ends. Cobalt blue / beige basic paint scheme. The cars look as they did in the early part of 1962.
Model: The minimum radius for operation is 360 mm / 14-3/16". The roofs, side walls, underbodies, and skirting are specific to the car types. The trucks are Minden-Deutz designs with shoe brakes, magnet rail brakes, and separately applied generators. All of the cars have factory-installed LED interior lighting with warm white LEDs. One car has a factory-installed pickup shoe. The other cars can be supplied with power by means of special, current-conducting coupling drawbars. The 73407 marker light kit can be installed on all of the cars. The cars have imprinted train destination signs. Total length over the buffers 84.8 cm / 33-3/8". DC wheel set per car 4 x 700580.

  • 50 Years of the modern "Rheingold" train 1962 - 2012.

One-time series.



The class E 10.12 "Rheingold" electric locomotive, available under item no. 37106, is the ideal motive power for the 43873 and 43883 "Rheingold" car sets.

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