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Standard DB 27 meter / 88 feet 6 inch design. Suitable for conventional and digital train operation. Remote controlled deck with built-in motor. Conventional controller included. Function: The deck turns right/left in single steps and continuously to a stop. The turntable can be retrofitted with the 7687 digital set for easy digital control. The turntable pit is designed for inset installation on a layout. 6 spoke tracks for K Track which can be installed at any spot on the perimeter of the turntable are included. The turntable can also be used with C Track and M Track in conjunction with adapter tracks. It can be expanded to a maximum of 48 spoke tracks at 7.5° intervals with the 7287 extension kit. Track power to spoke tracks comes through the turntable deck. External diameter 386 mm / 15-3/16". Deck length 310 mm / 12-1/4". The turntable can be used with the 7288/72881 locomotive shed. This model is a joint project with the Fleischmann Company, Nürnberg, Germany.

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