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Prototype: Type DHG 700 industrial diesel locomotive. Krupp-Ardelt crane car with a crane tender car. Low side car for transporting a power shovel.
Model: The locomotive has a metal frame, a digital decoder, and a special motor. 1 axle powered. Traction tires. The headlights change over with the direction of travel and can be controlled digitally. There is a warning light on the roof of the engineer's cab. The crane car has a cab that can be turned, a boom that can be raised and lowered, and a hand crank for the crane line. The crane tender car has a boom support. The low side car comes with a metal model of a power shovel. All of the cars have Relex couplers. Train length 48 cm / 18-7/8". Contents: 12 no. 20130 curved track, 4 no. 20188 straight track, 1 base station, 7 no. 20172 straight track, 2 no. 20224 curved track, and 1 no. 20612 right turnout and 1 no. 20611 left turnout. 230 volt / 36 VA switched mode power pack (18 VA transformer in North America) and a wireless infrared controller. This set can be expanded with the C Track extension sets and the entire C Track program. The 74492 electric turnout mechanism can be installed in the turnouts.


  • Construction train includes a locomotive, crane car, and a removable power shovel.
  • Locomotive has a warning light and headlights.
  • Easy movement around the layout with the wireless infrared controller.



The 78082 theme extension set makes a prototypically realistic addition to this train.

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