46913 Märklin,Type Eaos 106 Freight Car

Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) type Eaos 106 gondola. With rectangular buffers. With a red marker light, without a handbrake and a brakeman's platform. Reddish brown paint scheme. The car looks as it did around 1982.


  • mfx decoder.
  • Sound functions.
  • Digitally controlled marker light.
  • Load insert.



Model: The car has an mfx decoder and sound functions. It also has a factory-installed LED marker light that can be controlled digitally. A pickup shoe is mounted on the car. The trucks are type Y25 welded designs. The car has a load insert representing scrap metal. Length over the buffers approximately 16.1 cm / 6-3/8".

Pris: kr 1099,00

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Utviklet i keyPublisher; et Keyteq 2005 produkt