46158 Märklin, DRG vognsett Nidaros Dom-orgel

DRG vognsett Nidaros Dom-orgel, med figurer og CD med orgelmusikk. Lengde 27,8 cm. Epoke II. Engangserie 2001

Prototype: German State Railroad Company (DRG) type Gl Dresden boxcars, Association design. Both cars are lettered "Nidaros Dom-Orgel" ("Nidaros Cathedral Organ").
Model: Cars come with different car numbers. Light traces of soot on the car roofs.Total length 27.8 cm /10-15/16*. Three switchmen included. A CD is included with this freight car set, with one of the most famous organ works by J.S. Bach, the Toccata and Fuge in d minor, BWV 565. This CD is cut in the shape of a church organ with organ pipes.

One-time series


DC wheel set 70 0580 Models not available separately.

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