45095 Märklin, DB vognsett skinnetog 3-vogner m.last. FØR KR.590

Prototype: 3 German Federal Railroad (DB) type H 10 flat cars.
Model: 3 cars, loaded with 8 flexible reproductions of rails. Special load restraints are included for safely fixing the load in place for transport. The cars are connected together with 2 plug-in drawbars. All 3 cars have different car numbers. Both end cars have a close coupler with a guide mechanism. Total length over the buffers 37.3 cm / 14-3/4". DC wheel set 6 x 70 0580.


Rails for the Reconstruction - During the early German Federal Railroad period in the 1950s and1960s the German rail network was being rebuilt and expanded in many places. The rails being laid were longer than in the German State Railroad period, and the DB employed the type H 10 flat car, which was available in large quantities. Several of these cars were coupled together as a unit. The rails loaded on these car consists followed the curves in the track.

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