49961 Märklin,Catenary Measurement Car., Ord.pris kr.2490

Märklin Målevogn digital m.bevegelige pantografer

Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) type Dienst üm312 standard design measurement car. Design with 2 single-arm pantographs for catenary contact wire measurements.


  • Working digital car.
  • To check and test catenary during construction and rebuilding.
  • To troubleshoot catenary for problems.
  • For prototypical operations.


The car comes with a digital decoder, built-in mechanism for raising and lowering both pantographs, and measurement equipment. Both pantographs can be raised and lowered individually with the 6021 Control Unit. Color indicators for voltage and clearance as well as for the condition of the catenary. Adjustable buffers. Length over buffers 27 cm / 26.4 cm or 10-5/8* / 10-3/8*.


One-time series
Pris: kr 1690,00

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