6021 Märklin Control unit, MID. UTSOLGT!

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Central unit with built-in locomotive controller. Supplies the layout with power and control commands. The built-in locomotive controller has the same performance range as the Control 80 f. Connecting terminals for transformer and track layout. 1 connection socket for booster (item no. 6017). Operating display through LED. Output power max. 2.5 A. Dimensions 135 x 120 x 80 mm / 5-5/16" x 4-23/32" x 3-5/32". It combines the functions of 3 devices: First it is a locomotive controller, second a booster for supplying the layout with locomotive and switching power, third it is the central electronics unit, and all commands of other control devices run through it. The control unit collects and stores all locomotive power and switch commands and sends them as information signals into the track. The control unit can individually address 80 locomotives. With the 10-digit keypad you can call-up the locomotive addressee from 01 to 80, whose number is displayed on the 2-digit display. If desired you can drive these locomotives manually, and manually switch the built-in, locomotive-specific functions, such as lighting, telex couplers, or smoke generators. When you call up a new address, the locomotive continues to run at the last speed set. For safety reasons the supply of power to the layout via the Control Unit is limited. 

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