74491 Märklin/Trix C-skinne vekselmotor, Ny kraftigere type!

Pensemotor for C-skinne penser.

Drev for montering i penser.

Styres fra kontrollpult, kontaktskinne med momentkontakt eller Keybord via pensdekoder.

Retrofit kit for C Track turnouts, double solenoid mechanism with end shutoff contacts. This mechanism can be operated with a control box or a digital decoder. A feedback signal is possible with the 7271/72710 control box. This electric mechanism can be retrofitted and connected to turnouts very easily and without special tools. The mechanism sits concealed in the roadbed; below-baseboard mounting is not necessary. It is sealed against dirt and has an end shutoff feature to protect against overloads. It can be controlled with the standard control box, the control box with a feedback feature, or with a digital decoder. The hand lever can remain on the turnout.



Tip: A special mechanism is already built into the 24624 double slip switch.

Pris: kr 200,00

P r o d u k t s ø k


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Utviklet i keyPublisher; et Keyteq 2005 produkt